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Digging Deep in the Port of Charleston

When it comes to shipping, having a trusted 3PL partner makes all the difference in times of increased demand. Companies with access to the Port of Charleston’s deep harbor can transport their goods more quickly and efficiently than ever before. With new, man-made depths up to fifty-two feet, the Port of Charleston is now the… Read more »

Domestic News

Charleston: Status of the Port

East Coast ports are seeing record numbers of container volume, mostly from shippers looking to avoid the congestion snarls on the West Coast. However, at some East Coast ports we’re seeing the same issues as these ports don’t have the infrastructure to handle the increased activity.  Others, like the Port of Charleston, have been watching… Read more »

Set Sail with Sonja

Setting Sail with Success & Sonja

Standing on the coast of Savannah, Georgia, visitors, and locals are treated to a sparkling view of behemoth ships coming and going in the port. In reality, they’re so much more than we can see in photos and, on occasion, the beauty of cargo steamships can be life-changing. For Sonja Martinov, the twinkling lights of… Read more »