We offer the full suite of direct and third party logistics and supply chain services including:  warehousing, forwarding, brokerage, customs clearance, and consultative services.

Inquire About Transportation

International Services

Whether you need a dedicated service for one form of transportation or are looking for a full international logistics plan, Argents has the experience to advocate on your behalf with carriers, destinations and international service providers. You can lean on our expertise to create efficient solutions to move your international cargo today. 


Cartons, containers or charters, we can move it all.

The air cargo market looks different now as planes have been stripped of seats and flown carrying all freight in formerly passenger aircraft. Rates will be volatile and you’ll need an advocate who can offer options and guidance for your cargo. Argents is the expert you need. 


Space, equipment and contracts. We've got all three.

What was once thought of a languid ship drifting across the ocean has now become a headline grabbing industry. With the explosion of e-commerce and surge of imports, ocean freight is getting hot and you don’t want to try to navigate it on your own. Lean on our carrier connections, industry wide network of partners and decades of experience to protect your ocean cargo. 


Let's get creative.

Project cargo can be daunting and worrisome for inexperienced shops but at Argents, we’re excited to see the solutions we can create to suit even the most time-sensitive, oversized, and complicated cargo. Do you need to shut down a street and get a crane? Argents knows a way!


Canada and Mexico, right next door.

Near-shoring options for cargo in Canada and Mexico will drive cross border cargo to new heights as more companies take advantage of the benefits of the USMCA. While that’s good for rates, it could lead to delays, unless you’re rolling with Argents. Our cross border agents are experts at the pitfalls and delays that can plague other carriers. We have a solution to suit your situation.

Domestic Services

Argents operates strategically positioned hub offices, linked to all major domestic air, truck and rail carriers. Within the U.S., multimodal solutions bring carriers together to meet your exact needs and shipping requirements.

Remaining in constant contact with carriers electronically and telephonically provides the highest level of service in the industry. Argents communications to both you and your customers ensure all parties are kept apprised of shipment progress.


The space you need at the price you deserve

You don’t have to pay for space you aren’t using when you contact Argents for your less-than-truckload shipments. We’re able to consolidate your cargo with other shipments to increase efficiency and value while saving you time in transit.  


Over the road, under budget

While trucking used to be a simple industry, driver shortages, seasonal demands and trying to make up for airport and seaport delays have injected new levels of complexity. Regardless of equipment, time in transit or other special need for visibility or security, Argents has a plan to ensure you get the equipment you need on a schedule that fits. 

Parcel & Final Mile

The end of the road

The first and final mile of a transportation journey is where heroes are made and friendships are lost. Seeing your shipments to their destination is a critical part of what makes Argents stand shoulders above others. You can trust us to be there until the last drop is made.  


You need it, we’ll get it

Expedited freight is the service that separates Argents from competitors. Our trusted name and experience is working full-time in your corner to offer the shortest transit times for your budget. Whether you need team drivers or dedicated service, Argents can find you a solution to meet your timetable without breaking your budget.

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