Digging Deep in the Port of Charleston

When it comes to shipping, having a trusted 3PL partner makes all the difference in times of increased demand. Companies with access to the Port of Charleston’s deep harbor can transport their goods more quickly and efficiently than ever before. With new, man-made depths up to fifty-two feet, the Port of Charleston is now the deepest on the east coast, making it an ideal choice for companies who need to ship large amounts of cargo and have it arrive on time. 

SC Ports President and CEO Barabara Melvin said about the project, “It is a truly historical moment to be celebrating this monumental achievement. Charleston Harbor has been deepened to fifty-two feet. With the deepest harbor on the East Coast, we can efficiently work mega container ships at any tide. This investment will bring economic success to South Carolina for generations to come.”

Not only will it bring economic success to South Carolina, but to those who rely on the port to move their goods. It’s now deep enough to handle changing needs, and its location also offers easy access to major interstates, railroads and airports across the United States. This makes it a great option for those looking to transport their cargo domestically or internationally with ease. Additionally, the port is home to some of the most advanced terminal operations in the world and is equipped with modern technology for efficient loading and unloading of cargo. 

Having an experienced 3PL partner that can provide access to deep water ports like the Port of Charleston can help companies maximize their shipping efficiency while minimizing their expenses. It also ensures that goods are being transported safely and securely to their destination on time, no matter the size or weight of the cargo.

With its convenient location, advanced terminal operations, and deep harbor, the Port of Charleston is the perfect place to ensure that goods are delivered quickly and safely.

So if you’re looking for a trusted partner and access to deepwater ports like the Port of Charleston, look no further than Argents. We’re always excited about innovation and ways to strengthen our processes in the supply chain so they are more efficient and effective. Reach out to Argents today and let’s see how we can move you forward.