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Unraveling the Baltimore Bridge Crisis: An In-Depth Update

The Baltimore Bridge disaster captured national attention, and salvage operations are in full swing in the aftermath of the collision. Teams are working tirelessly to extract containers from the immobilized Dali, the first step towards clearing the debris and reopening the Fort Henry Channel. This task is essential for restoring vital waterway traffic to the… Read more »

Supply Chain Success
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Optimizing Supply Chain Advanced Freight Logistics

Even before the pandemic thrust the global supply chain into the international spotlight, our industry has been the yardstick measuring business health and driving emerging economies. With the advent of advanced freight logistics, companies can streamline their operations, reduce costs, and enhance service delivery. Argents Express, a seasoned logistics provider, stands at the forefront of… Read more »

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Brighter Future Expected: Logistics in the Year Ahead

As we stand in a new year, the logistics industry is poised for both challenges and opportunities. The dynamics of global trade, emerging technologies, and the ever-evolving consumer expectations are shaping the logistics landscape. Looking at key trends and predictions for the logistics sector in the coming year, we see a much brighter picture than… Read more »

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Find the Argents Experience at the Pacific Marine Expo

We’ll be participating in the upcoming Pacific Marine Expo, the largest commercial marine trade show on the West Coast. This gathering is more than just an event; it’s a confluence of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and networking, serving commercial mariners from Alaska to California.  Here are the top seven reasons why we’re thrilled to be there: Our… Read more »

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Face Market Shifts with the Argents’ Experience

As we adjust to a period of uncertainty in the freight market, it’s crucial to stay proactive in the current situation and equip ourselves to navigate the upcoming difficulties. No matter what the prevailing situation, Argents is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience for our clients during these trying times. A Glance at the Current… Read more »

a natural disaster hitting a coastal town
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Natural Disaster Preparedness: The Importance of Logistics and Cargo Insurance in Supply Chain Resilience

In a rapidly globalizing world, natural disasters pose an escalating threat to businesses relying on intricate supply chains. The eruption of hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods disrupt day-to-day operations, resulting in significant financial repercussions, delays, dangerous conditions, and insurance complications.  At Argents, we combine three decades of logistics expertise with proactive planning to ensure your supply… Read more »

Logistics Strategic Partnerships
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How to Be a Good Shipper: Unlock Success with Argents Express, Your Strategic Partner

In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, effective shipping and logistics practices form the backbone of many businesses, regardless of size. However, navigating the complex landscape of global trade can be a challenge. That’s where Argents Express comes in as your strategic partner. We serve as an extension of your shipping and logistics department, leveraging our thirty… Read more »