Fulfillment by Merchant? Fine by Us!

Fulfillment by Merchant with Argents

With congestion and delays being the hottest topic in logistics, many retailers are worried about getting inventory shipped in time to wrap for the holidays. Even the mega-reach of Amazon is faltering as many retailers find delays and restrictions when trying to send goods into Amazon warehouses, let alone out to ship to their customers. This is when Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) abilities become critical and Argents Express has the solution

Unlike Fulfillment by Amazon, FBM doesn’t rely on Amazon’s warehouses or shipping to get your products to consumers. If Amazon can’t receive, process, and re-ship cargo, sellers can lose market share as their inventory is shown to be out of stock which directly affects the selling power by deprioritizing the listing. Sellers and retailers work hard for months to optimize their position in the search results on Amazon and shouldn’t see those plans fall apart because of Amazon’s backlogs related to receiving and shipping of their inventory – now thanks to Argents, the sellers don’t have to. https://argents.com/4th-quarter-incoming-the-escalation-of-ecommerce/

Our swift integration can prepare sellers for logistics hiccups, enabling them to turn from FBA to FBM with the toggle of a button. When the bottlenecks hit, a simple switch can keep products showing in stock and shipping quickly from our warehouse. With our warehouse management system (WMS) you can fully integrate your inventory and information in preparation for holiday issues that we all expect to see as the holiday season draws nearer. 

Critically, our integration not only lets sellers switch to FBM and ship through Argents with the touch of a button, but they can switch back when Amazon is able to receive your inventory. Offering a simple alternative to solely shipping on Amazon means a new lane is always available to you if logistics traffic gets too packed. 

If you need a backup plan, Argents Express has you covered. Contact your Argents representative today and talk about the simple process of setting up an FBM option to bolster your sales presence. Time is of the essence as the holiday season is upon us and shoppers are already working hard to get the gifts on their lists before the sold-out signs get hung.