4th Quarter Incoming: the Escalation of eCommerce

eCommerce, Dream of, don't Dread Q4

After a year of fitful recovery from the pandemic in most areas, one industry has seen astronomical growth and expansion – eCommerce. Global eCommerce statistics in 2021 show a meteoric rise that advanced the industry by a decade, speeding up the infiltration of online shopping faster than ever before. As we face a difficult peak season and even more tumultuous fourth quarter, eCommerce demand forecasting is steadily rising as we expect the holiday shopping season to set new records and face new challenges in congestion and inventory. 

Due to severe disruption in the ocean freight industry, many are concerned that Christmas cargo will be shipped well in advance if there is to be the slightest chance that it finds its way to shelves in time for holiday shoppers. That fear isn’t far-fetched as dwell times grow, more ships return to anchorage waiting for berth space, and inland hubs are choked with cargo trying to find its own shelf space. 

For most retailers, boosting eCommerce sales is the prime target for their teams as online shopping starts on the path to outpace brick and mortar buildings. Warehouse and distribution services are paramount to fulfillment for startups. Sellers need a logistics plan that can grow alongside their business and advocate for their clients’ eCommerce fulfillment services by providing consistent, value-driven, and forethought to their supply chain. 

This planning is taking place in the shadow of an announced Postal Service rate increase that could impact small shippers while being severely behind in installing new sorting machines – only 46 of which out of a planned 112 have been installed. 

Until now, many people wondered, “what is the future of eCommerce” and what would it take to tip the scales away from traditional shopping. At Argents, we’ve been planning on this moment, and we are ready to deploy solutions for your eCommerce fulfillment warehouse needs for all sizes of your growth. 

We offer more than just delivery and customs clearance; our suite of services includes kitting, pick & pack, inventory management, WMS integration, and cutting edge security to ensure your cargo remains safe throughout the supply chain. We have contracts with all major couriers that can secure competitive pricing and valuable capacity when the real rush begins. 

Argents is also an Amazon FBA partner, capable of instantaneously turning on services if and when Amazon chooses to turn off receiving the merchandise for fulfillment. When they say no, Argents is ready to say yes.

Most eCommerce fulfillment companies act as an assembly line, applying a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service. Still, at Argents, we can customize your options to fit exactly to your business model. We don’t shy away from complicated cargo or difficult citations; instead, we are invigorated by a challenge and look forward to building a strong retail foundation with retailers.