Argents at Pacific Marine Expo: Insights from Adam Sneed on the Maritime Industry

In an exclusive interview, Argents’ representative Adam Sneed, Director of Sales, shares insights into the company’s debut as an exhibitor at the Pacific Marine Expo (PME). At Argents, we must understand the unique industries we serve. By engaging with our clients in person, we can more effectively respond to their needs. At the Pacific Marine Expo, Adam got close with some of the people in our maritime industry who are aiming for the deadliest of catches. 

Q: Have you ever been to the Pacific Marine Expo before?

Adam: Yes, I attended the 2022 PMC, but only as an attendee, not an exhibitor.

Q: Was this experience different from your other trips?

Adam: Better! Being an exhibitor, we were able to interact with a lot more people. I heard quite a few people say there was a smaller turnout this year. But overall, it was a great experience, and we met a lot of companies.

Q: What was the highlight of the trip, personally and professionally?

Adam: Talking to all of the fishermen, primarily out of Alaska. They are some of the hardest-working folks I’ve ever met. Many are small business owners with a boat, a crew, and an incredible drive to overcome adversity. Many fishermen/fisherwomen are looking for creative ways to get their products to market directly, circumventing the major fish distributors that pay pennies on the dollar. 

Q: What is the general temperament/industry outlook for 2024 and beyond?

Adam: It was a bad year for the fishing industry, one of the worst in the past two decades. The sense was that next year has to look better because it can’t get any worse.

Q: What do you expect to see next year?

Adam: Hopefully, we will reconnect with some of the same folks, and if all goes well, there will be a larger turnout. It is important to continue going so that people recognize our name and associate it with the maritime industry. 

Q: How will you use the information you learned back at Argents?

Adam: I will be looking at ways to support the cold supply chain out of our Tacoma facility. We don’t have cold storage inside the warehouse, but we do have plenty of dock doors. I am looking into the possibility of parking refrigerated containers at the dock, which would allow us to receive and hold seafood for local deliveries and distribution to the interior of the US.

Q: How would you advise clients based on the future of logistics in the Pacific?

Adam: The Pacific Northwest is an underutilized gateway and the closest US port to Alaska. We’ve seen a significant increase in volume to the PNW due to labor, congestion, and cost issues in California. I believe this is an upward trend, and we should continue seeing more opportunities through this gateway.

In the ever-changing world of logistics, the Pacific Northwest remains a critical entry point for the US. At Argents, we pride ourselves on giving our customers options and being able to custom-tailor solutions to their business needs. If you’re interested in seeing how bright your future is with Argents as your logistics partner, reach out to us today.