The Solutions Team Made Whole

Solutions Team

Finding balance in logistics is often less about finding a network loaded with divergent businesses and expertise, and more about creating a Venn diagram that carries passion, dedication, friendship, and communication in the overlay. One lesson we’ve learned at Argent’s, and try to impart each day, is that there is no substitution for a team that genuinely enjoys spending their workday together, and invests in the success of each player. The Solutions Team of Austin Collins and Chris Schramm, our International Pricing and Quoting Experts are the quintessential “Odd Couple” at first glance, but quickly become two halves of a professional whole when they’re on the job. 

Laid-back, former law firm tax accountant turned Parrot head, Austin joined Argents in November 2020 when he grew tired of working in a box with only numbers as his friends. Specializing in ocean rates, Austin takes an artistic approach to the job, working to develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) into an art form and a specialty that extends beyond being the traditional foot-in-the-door, first job in logistics. 

Clean-cut, buttoned-down, former high school golf tournament coordinator Chris is a Hilton Head, SC native who came on board in February 2021 and rapidly became the go-to expert on lanes and schedules. With a focus on air rates and building relationships with carriers, Chris works to cultivate trust and elevate the service offerings that Argents can provide. 

“I love finding the right airline and mix of services that suit our clients with precision,” Chris explains. “Our customers and agents really like us. They know when they call Argents, they can talk to Chris and Austin and we’ll take care of it for them. Pricing is the job but problem-solving is the service. The intercommunication and camaraderie we’re building can expedite our responses and get answers back to clients without wasting time.”

“At Argents, the atmosphere and people are just incredible. Even bad days, tough days are still fun and we still enjoy being around each other,” Austin adds. “We’re busier than ever, but to the two of us, that just means more chances to win. We’re doing important work and seeing the successes feels good. I think we work harder when we’re being supported and applauded.”

Shockingly, despite their obviously happy business relationship, Chris and Austin didn’t meet until they got to Argents. 

“People always think we came as a package deal, but we just found a partnership with someone who has the same goals and ideals as we do. When we discuss the growth and future of how we want to drive pricing and rating success, we’re totally on the same page. It’s a brotherhood, in a strong family, with incredible parental figures in Dagny and Tony,” Chris explains.

“Argents makes the difference,” Austin continues. “Our clients respect and trust Argents, and we take that seriously. We were so lucky to find a place where our unorthodox moments were nurtured alongside our growth as we learned the industry. It’s different here and we’re excited to be a part of this business. Every day we succeed and we get to carry that success with us through the week.”

“And I get to do it with my best friend and a team of experts made up of incredibly dedicated, talented, and service-oriented professionals,” Chris finishes. 

Argents does it differently and that difference is best observed in the dedication and successes of the people on our team. The solutions-driven team of Chris and Austin is a prime example of doubling our commitment to being the most knowledgeable and informed team in logistics. If you want more than a number for your rates, and look to have an advocate, advisor, and connected team of worldwide professionals dedicated to your supply chain success, come see how Argents is making it effortless.