Success’ Secret Weapon: Sam Rushin

Sam is synonymous with Success

Perseverance, planning, and personality are the magic formula for success that sets Sam Rushin ahead of and apart from her competition. Whether she’s training horses, baking her way into the hearts of her coworkers, or building and developing a logistics plan from the ground up, there is a joy for the work that extends past the professional and makes a connection that is personal. 

“If the pandemic taught us anything it should be compassion. We are all in this together and I truly love the people I work with and I want them to love me. I want to work with people I love. I’ve made dental appointments for drivers and thrown baby showers for foremen because people want to help the people they like. You can’t fake loyalty and connection and the rewards for that kindness are flourishing,” Sam explains. Her management style can be fearlessly summed up as “say yes, then figure out how to make it happen.”

The same can be said for the success of her management over the logistics for Inashco / Blue Phoenix. On the ground with Inashco from the moment the machinery was delivered, Argents hasn’t limited their impact to just logistics solutions but happily steps in as an advisor and advocate whenever needed. 

“We import their domestic parts, we find containers, coordinate across sites, workers, trucks and carriers. By keeping our communication open and working through spreadsheets that we can all access, we empower the whole team to take personal ownership of solutions and ideas. It’s the Argents support every day,” Sam states before explaining her lengthy relationship with Argents. 

Her friendship with Dagny grew from play dates with their children to sharing holiday parties and finally a job – but neither knew Sam was applying for Argents. 

“I went through the whole process and had no idea! I fell in love with the job in the interview and then learned I was starting with a friend already there. We were fated to do great work together. We work hard for each other and they provide guidance, support, and so much room to grow.” Sam explains that the account has grown into more than any could have foreseen and she’s encouraged to chart her own path. 

The upward trajectory of success for the partnership is limited only by the imagination of those who think outside the box and take chances. Argents strives every day to maintain and build connections with strong companies who want to do great things with big hearts.