Product Launch Ally: Argents

Product Launch Assistance

The logistics of a product launch are as multifaceted, complicated, and singularly complex as the product itself. Whether it’s a fresh new item never seen on shelves or an upgrade to an old favorite we each have around the house, every launch is a unique challenge. When you can’t start over if something goes wrong, planning, preparation and execution can take months to set up and ensure a successful launch. From distribution to delivery, through the layers of marketing experts, sales representatives, and supply chain experts, accessing stores across the country to prepare for a launch day requires a solid team with launch experience – that’s what we have at Argents. 

In our last nationwide product launch, we were coordinating a piece of technology that needed to be available to the public already loaded with intellectual property. Getting the gadget distributed was Argents’ goal – the blockbuster included was up to the talent – but both teams were relentless in pursuing a perfect launch. 

Product launch preparations require vast amounts of data from the client, their projections, procurement, and distribution that ensure the inventory gets where the buyers can purchase it. If there are consumer trends that require higher numbers in some sectors, we need to be prepared. In some cases, we can use a centralized distribution set up with inventory kept in a few key cities in the country, ready to deliver before the launch date by small parcel shipments to the consumer. Other situations can mean sending pallets of cargo into big-box retailers for shoppers to pick up on their own. Whether they do so after camping out in their excitement or just on a whim while waiting at the check out – getting the product on shelves is paramount to a successful launch. 

If you’re looking at a product launch, you need an experienced team behind you. You need the expert knowledge of a logistics powerhouse that can coordinate dozens of moving pieces with precision on par with a Swiss watch. We understand that your launch is special; your product is unique and the carefully choreographed logistics of getting that product to consumers is about more than just shipping pallets to stores. Timing, safety, security, and secrecy, all are operating at a critical level. From game systems to music players, long awaited books by favored authors or futuristic homegoods, the day your product launches, you’ll need Argents standing behind you. 

We ensure that you have options to suit the distribution schedule, and solutions to mitigate any plans that go awry. You can only control one facet of the launch, but Argents can take the stress off of you and work with your manufacturer, producer, and marketing team to design a schedule that keeps the newest products coming out on schedule and without interruption. If you want to learn more about how Argents can guide your launch, contact our team today!