Growth Boots on the ground, eyes on the prize

Growth in Seattle

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” ~ Robert Burns

The aforementioned proverb is generally invoked to discuss a situation that goes off the rails despite good planning and intentions. We at Argents prefer to think of it as a way of explaining that all the planning, research, and intentions for success & growth are no match for interpersonal relationships and having boots on the ground. Being a company known for having a family atmosphere, we at Argents deeply believe in the power of building friendships and community involvement when we’re expanding our locations, and nowhere is that belief flourishing more than in Seattle, under the calm, patient leadership of Adam Sneed

“Ever since I was in school, my personality type has been “the listener,” someone who looks forward to problem-solving, and loves meeting new people,” Adam explains when asked about his success in Seattle. 

Starting in July of 2016, out of a single room office near the airport and armed with a list of leads and contacts, Adam’s management style has always been empathetic and open-minded. 

“Initially, my goal in Seattle was to meet as many people as I could, join local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, and then do volunteer work for Seattle Made, which is part of the Seattle Good Business Network. I was also really fortunate to establish a relationship early on with the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Our mentality at Argents is that a rising tide lifts all boats, so when we’re engaged in the success of our partners, they become invested in our successes.” 

When Adam started in logistics at working for one of the most extensive steamship lines, he had a front-row view of how large corporations operate and the corporate culture by which they set standards. During his two years, he noticed that great ideas from the rank and file service associates were often ignored in favor of established protocols. An interview at Argents helped him start in the air export department in Charleston, SC. Still, he soon realized that there was so much more to learn as many facets in the industry opened up under Argents’ supportive leadership. 

“I don’t ask anyone to do anything that I haven’t done and that I’m not willing to do still. I’ve unloaded containers and loaded out trucks; I’ve pulled orders and labeled boxes; I’ve delivered shipments in our box truck; I’ve visited customers and suppliers; you name it!” Argents has given me the opportunity to learn everything I’ve wanted to learn and grow alongside them. That’s the mentality we take with our team in Seattle.”

Eight months after his arrival in Seattle, Adam realized a tremendous need for warehouse space to meet Argents’ growth and quickly moved into a 14,000 sqft space. One year later, they added another 40,000 sqft and 20,000 sqft the year after that. In February 2021, Argents moved into their current home at the Port of Tacoma in the Tacoma Logistics Center, where Adam oversees 136,000 sqft of warehouse space. 

Not many forwarders have warehouse space of their own, so we’re ahead of the game. Our plan of attack has always been to build alongside the business, choosing passionate, creative, and thoughtful people. We don’t fill space with bodies any more than we fill space with freight. The right people, the right clients, the right cargo, all of that success is made up of small decisions and ideas from people who care deeply about our industry.” 

At Argents, we don’t believe in the phrase “bad” ideas. All ideas have merit, even if you can’t initially see them. Sometimes an idea that we think will never work can lead us to a solution we’d never considered. Those ideas come from open communication, engagement with management, and giving our employees a safe space to think freely and stay with an idea to see where it leads us. 

“Just because I was hired as air export has never hindered me. Argents gives us the tools, time, and trust to grow and learn and experience new things. The family atmosphere flourishes under mutual success, respect, and vision. The growth we’ve had in Seattle will see us giving warehouse tours and presentations to showcase the beautiful building we have and the unique services we offer in the area.” 

It’s the same support and outlook that Argents is employing in Charleston, the next location to follow in Seattle and Adam’s footsteps. 

“I can’t believe it but I just had my 10 year anniversary and I realized that we’re successful because we have passion. We aren’t checking email after hours because we have to, we want to know what’s up because this is how we’re living our dream,” Adam states with a smile in his voice. 

It’s a dream he shares with the Argents family and we can’t wait to share it & the growth with our clients and future Argents family team members.