Argents Elgin: State of the Art Fulfillment in Logistics

Argent's Elgin

Argents Elgin, blows the doors off customer-service expectations. With an internal accuracy target of 99.6%, every shipment counts. By continually upgrading hard and soft technology, Argents has made it difficult for mistakes to happen as every step is processed with fail-safe confirmations that ensure accuracy.  

Argents Elgin Overview

We scan everything multiple times at several stages along the journey through the warehouse, which provides ample opportunities for things to be checked and double-checked,” explains Tony Chiappetta, Co-Owner and VP of Sales. “Future plans for robotics and continually adapting our warehouse SOPs to this new technology will continuously improve our services.”

Those services are the metric by which Argents excels with operational intensity. Tony continues, “Our willingness to craft a logistics product to the shipper’s needs is what sets us apart. No two fulfillment clients are alike and we like to get down to the nuts and bolts of a customer to really create something they would want on their own if they were handling their own fulfillment.”

Instead of trying to make customers fit into our system like many of the new fulfillment companies popping up, Argents mixes our expertise, the customer’s needs, and the best technology options to suit their business ensuring these companies have a smooth and efficient logistics model that can grow alongside them.   

There really is no limit to what we will do for a customer – including building out full buildings tailored to a specific client’s needs.” Argents has four domestic distribution facilities – Tacoma at 136,000 sq. ft., Charleston at 117,000 sq. ft., and two in the Midwest Greater Chicagoland area totaling 180,000 sq. ft., enabling us to reach end users anywhere in the domestic US within 48 hours. Argents Express – Elgin offers 98,000 sq. ft. with 6,200 pallet spaces, 2,800 sq.ft. of kitting space, 17 dock doors, and 7 pick lines. 

“As with all of our facilities, we’re fully integrated with big box stores like Home Depot and Walmart while being compatible with online shopping platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify,” says David Weigand, Director of Fulfillment Operations at Argents Express – Elgin. 

Customers with long term growth plans and ones who wish to partner with us in order for both companies to be successful are going to find the perfect partner in Argents Express.” Tony manages from the belief that investing in mutual success takes both companies even further. “Even more so than traditional freight forwarding, our success with a fulfillment client is directly tied to how well they are doing as a company in a very real-time way. If a client launches a new product or gets a spot on a TV show and the product sells like hotcakes we know and see that success in real time. And we have to keep up with the immediate demand because making their customers happy is our mission. The clear planning and communication of this partnership ensures expectations are met on both ends.”

If you’d like to know more about how partnering with Argents for your fulfillment and distribution needs can help you manage your business from peak season to post-launch, contact us today.