Argents at WCA & Finding the Proper People

WCA, Staffing & People

Representatives from Argents recently attended the WCA Regional Conference, and while some normalcy has returned relative to the last two years, staffing and labor shortages were at the heart of nearly every conversation. The World Cargo Alliance operates multiple global networks of independent freight forwarders and customs brokers operating in nearly every country on the globe. In addition to general cargo networks, WCA operates networks focused on project cargo, relocations, pharmaceuticals and e-Commerce – a specialty network to which Argents belongs and attends those gatherings.

Stats from the US Chamber of Commerce say there are 11.4 million jobs and only 6 million unemployed workers. During the pandemic, over 4 million new businesses were launched, and many of them in ecommerce, as that’s where consumers turned their attention. 

From Spain to France, to the UK and India, the logistics industry looks to the horizon where Peak Season is soon approaching, and predictions abound about what that season is going to look like, especially with new challenges rising to complicate an already snarled supply chain.

John D. Schulz at Logistics Management says, “Anyone who thinks he or she has an accurate feel for what the peak shipping season will look like between now until around Halloween clearly has not been paying attention to the wacky ups-and-downs of the past two years.

First came the economic shutdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then came an overheated economic rebound that taxed the limits of production of items ranging from toilet paper to computer semiconductor chips.

Now the nation faces at least a one-in-three chance of an economic recession, according to the best guessers of such things.”

Adding the labor shortage into the mix, this is a recipe for a perfect storm that could be catastrophic without preparation and a multitude of backup plans coupled with the ability to deliver and keep your cargo moving. 

At Argents, we put the time and effort into securing the best of everything and are ready to take things head on. We’re here to help guide our clients on how to make sure the rest of 2022 and 2023 are the best they can be with reliable warehousing, fulfillment and people at the ready. Get in touch with us today to optimize your logistics strategy.